Frohnson & Frohnson

I am a performer, editor, & director on UCB Comedy's digital smart, accessible sketch team, Frohnson & Frohnson.

#targetdemo, original series

Have you been noticing how #annoying and totally #invasive advertising, consumerism, and social media have gotten lately? Yea, we have, too. #targetdemo, takes aim at those very #ripe and #lawl targets.


It's tough to keep surfaces clean and dry, and even tougher to deal with strangers leaving suspicious boxes on your doorstep. 


When it comes to weddings, nothing is more important than having the perfect wedding #. 


I was an editor and occasional performer for UCB Comedy's Digital topical/socially relevant sketch team, Pocketwatch.

Starbucks for Delivery

Now that Starbucks delivers, you never have to leave your office again!

Stalked by an Ad

A group of friends is stalked by some very persistent online ads in this unnerving thriller. Coming Fall 2014.