Interested in working together?

In addition to being available as a performer, I am now taking on freelance directing, shooting, and editing work.  

My rates are very competitive, and I'd love to collaborate with you!  


Email aLL inquiries to:


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Beyond the fact that Michelle is an extremely talented and quick editor and videographer, she also has an insane understanding of what’s current and popular in the digital world. I’ve often pitched her only half ideas or vague concepts and she spins it into video gold.

— Jamie L. 

(Brunch Night! with Jamie LeeLo)


Michelle is not only reliable, professional, punctual and thorough in her work, but she also brings along a tremendous amount of experience and know-how from the worlds of comedy and social media. Her incredible skills as a creator, director, dp, writer and editor are only matched by her collaborative nature and winning personality.

— Peter M.

(Edinburgh Fringe producer & performer, Co-Producer SOLOCOM NYC)


Michelle is professional, hilarious, incredibly on top of her sh*t, remarkably level-headed in the face of stress, and just straight up fantastic at a ridiculous array of jobs including editing, directing, DPing, and acting. Work with her. That’s not a suggestion, it’s a demand. If you don’t have an idea for a project, come up with one just to work with her on it - that’s how good she is.

Amelita L.

(Bueller Comedy, The 30 Blog)