I had the pleasure of voicing the character of "Dawn" in BlindSide, an award-winning audio adventure game.  Additionally, I edited their trailer and other promotional videos.

BlindSide is a survival/horror audio-only adventure game developed by Aaron Rasmussen & Michael T. Astolfi.

Aside from a splash screen, menus, HUD, and credits, the game is otherwise completely graphics-less. Instead of using their eyes, players explore their environment guided only by what they can hear around them in the virtual world. Based on a personal experience of Aaron who was temporarily blinded in a high school chemistry accident, BlindSide simulates the experience of being blind, generating 3D audio through standard stereo headphones. This allows BlindSide's players to navigate the game's virtual world, and offers an identical gameplay experience for both sighted and visually impaired gamers.  On iOS devices, this effect is further enhanced by an innovative gyro control scheme, which allows players to change which way their avatar is facing in-game just by rotating their body in the real world.  

Michelle Ciotta with BlindSide co-developer Michael T. Astolfi at IndieCade 2013.

Honors / Awards


Most Innovative Award, 10th Annual Games for Change Festival (2013)


IndieCade (2012)


Brazilian International Game Festival (2012)


Game Design, Development, & Sound Design

Michael T. Astolfi 

Game Design, Development, & Sound Design

Aaron Rasmussen 

Additional Sound Design

Jose Frias 

Voice Acting

Michael T. Astolfi - Case

 Michelle Ciotta - Dawn 

Paul Resnikoff - Alan 

Andrea Kornstein - Cindy 

Tom Astolfi - Emergency Broadcasting System

Clifton Highfield - The Monster